The Most Frequently Four Questions Asked

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing


The issues surrounding a building owner’s roofing decisions are more complex than ever. Alpha Omega Savannah Roofing professionals are experts at diagnosing your unique roofing needs, specialists at diagnosing your extraordinary material needs, investigating your numerous choices, and working with you near structure material arrangements that incorporate the majority of your issues.

Q: How long have you been doing business for?

A: We have more than 22 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.

Q: Are you completely authorized and protected?


Q: What is your workmanship guarantee today?

An: Aqua Shield Roofing offers a quality completed item upheld up with a 10 YEAR WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY GUARANTEE.

Q: Are without gauges?

A: Yes. If you don’t mind call to plan a meeting with one of our accomplished estimators or round out the structure to demand a free online gauge. After our examination, we will furnish you with a composed proposition itemizing our discoveries, choices and cost.

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We will clarify the well ordered material procedure in full detail

What will the certified estimator search for when investigating the top of my home?

An: Our estimators are reasonable and dependable and will investigate the rooftop covering, the waste frameworks, the blazing (around lookout windows, fireplaces, vent funnels), and the ventilation frameworks.

Q: How will I know whether a rooftop has issues?

A: Roof issues are by and large found subsequent to releasing or another genuine harm happens. The state of your shingles will decide if a fix and substitution rooftop is proper. At the point when old exhausted, shingles in some cases twist, twist or lose granules and may have absent or harmed shingle tabs. Give specific consideration to any unmistakable signs within your home, for example, split paint, stained plasterboard, and stripping backdrop.

Q: My rooftop is spilling. Does this mean I need another one?

A: Not really. You may just need fix work. Spilling can result since certain flashings have come free or in light of the fact that an area of the rooftop has been harmed. The most ideal approach to decide the issue is to bring in an expert material organization for an assessment. We offer material examinations. Present the structure on this page to plan an examination of your rooftop.


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Q: How long would i be able to anticipate that my rooftop should last?

A: The condition and life expectancy of your rooftop will rely upon the sort of rooftop you have, the impacts of your neighborhood condition and the support, which the rooftop has gotten.

Q: How long will it take for the rooftop to be finished?

A: Once we have begun take a shot at your home, that work isn’t hindered until it is finished – assuming it doesn’t rain. At the point when your activity is booked, it is the main employment for that team until finish.

Q: Will you give references?

A: Yes. Client references will be given upon solicitation



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Q: What sort of rooftop do I need?

A: There are numerous kinds of rooftop frameworks and layers accessible. This can rely upon structure use, get to, weight loads, pedestrian activity, number of infiltrations, cost, and so forth all play a factor in rooftop determination. Our business agents will set aside the effort to demonstrate the structure of the sorts, the refinements in the different brands, how they’re tried, what the guarantees are, and which suits your particular needs and spending plan.

Q: Will the rooftop be totally detached?

A: We suggest a total evacuation of the old rooftop framework for property holders looking for a substitution rooftop. In certain conditions, especially when there is just one layer of shingles on the rooftop, it is conceivable to re-rooftop or re-spread existing shingles with another rooftop. In any case, setting another layer of shingles over maturing shingles may give the rooftop an uneven appearance.




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