HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Any system that works to improve interior comfort can be considered HVAC. But if you want your Denver heating and air conditioning to work, it is best to consult a Colorado certified HVAC specialist. You can dramatically effect your energy bills by making sure your HVAC is up to par. Denver HVAC companies really make their money on big boxes, and medium and large office buildings where proper heating and air conditioning result in big savings on overhead.

The three functions of a Denver HVAC: heating, cooling and ventilation, became needs in the industrial revolution when people were crowded into factories and office buildings. Originally, these comforts were provided by a hodgepodge of fans, boilers and fireplaces. A proper Colorado HVAC provides comfort as well as clean air. Most Denver heating and cooling systems do not run under the strains of a full blown office space system, but a certified HVAC professional can still provide savings. For larger buildings, architects and engineers specifically design the heating and air conditioning systems to match the building and the HVAC to our Colorado weather. For it to be considered HVAC, it must be a truly unified system.

Heating is essential in Denver winters. Central heating consists of some sort of heating element like a boiler or furnace, a transport system to pull the heat into the room, and a thermostat to monitor temperature.

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